1.24.20As a further incentive and a way to get more points, we've added in a bounty claim to go with our demon events! [read more!]

12.31.19We would like to announce that the mortal danger events are now live! If you manage to get an event but don't want to do it, you can buy the event pass in the shop to take the cowards route and live to tell the tale without any consequences! Huzzah! [read more!]

12.29.19We are having an open discussion about some of the changes we have planned for 2020! [read more!]

11.24.19With the holiday's quickly approaching, we want to make sure that everyone is able to enjoy their time without having to stress about their activity. From 11/24/2019-12/31/2019, we will not be holding any activity checks, leader activity checks or death rolls. We hope that everyone will be able to enjoy their holiday time!

11.21.19We are having a thanksgiving black week sale! Every species, sundry, power & potion over 1k is now 20% off! This deal ends on December 1st.

11.01.19 Hello everyone and happy November! Hopefully you enjoyed your Halloween. To kick off the month, we are having our very first glowtail event! [read more!]

10.24.19 After some discussion, the staff have decided to increase the post image size from 150x150px to 200x200px. We are also holding an art contest! You can read more about that here.

10.08.19 We have noticed an influx of people claiming the 1k posts. We think that it's fantastic you're reaching this goal so we want to make it clear that these changes are NOT meant to deter or punish people from/for reaching 1k posts. We are going to add some restrictions to make it not as... abuseable. From now on, you can only claim the 1k post claim 3 times a week.

10.01.19 We are having an activity check! Make sure to respond before the 14th or your character's will be moved to pending. Any character who has not posted in the last three months (07/01/2019) will be deleted. [read more!]

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