Year III; sun quarter

10.08.19 We have noticed an influx of people claiming the 1k posts. We think that it's fantastic you're reaching this goal so we want to make it clear that these changes are NOT meant to deter or punish people from/for reaching 1k posts. We are going to add some restrictions to make it not as... abuseable. From now on, you can only claim the 1k post claim 3 times a week.

10.01.19 We are having an activity check! Make sure to respond before the 14th or your character's will be moved to pending. Any character who has not posted in the last three months (07/01/2019) will be deleted. [read more!]

9.18.19 The demon ban has been lifted and we're bribing people into making Sola's! [read more!]

9.17.19 Our magic system has been revamped! Make sure to claim your new storms and read up on the changes here. [read more!]

9.02.19 We would like to welcome Kii as our newest moderator!

8.14.19 Until further notice, demons are banned. This means that, regardless if you buy a species pass or not, your demon character's will not be accepted until the ban is lifted.

8.11.19 Anyone who posts in or starts a thread at Paylla Peak will be infected with a fast spreading illness! [read more!]

8.3.19 Join a horde and get rewards! [read more!]

8.3.19We want to give everyone time to get character's up and ready because in two weeks (08/17/2019), we will be choosing three sola to become Akarna's champions! These 'champions' will gain ic perks making them stronger against demonic influences and they will have special... interactions with certain objects already in game! With the life veins open, any lunari that would like to try for this can apply for immortality or you can use the species pass to buy a sola.

7.30.19 The activity tree for August has been posted! [read more!]

7.28.19 Krein no longer has a leader. If you're interested in changing that, check out this thread. [read more!]

7.21.19 We are having an advertising contest! Come check it out and get your hands on some neat prizes. [read more!]

7.14.19 First, I'd like to apologize for the lack of updates but boy, do I have a lot in store for you guys! I'd like to first let everyone know that going forward, all wolf species MUST start out as lunari. We are also having an activity check so make sure to reply to that before the deadline of the 28th! There's lots more that won't fit in this little box so please, check out our update thread. [read more!]

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Solari caters to a mature crowd that can handle extreme instances of gore, violence, some alcohol usage and herbal drug use along with fantasy religious ideals and some barbaric practices. There may be instances of self-mutilation, rape and other triggers that may not be suitable for some. Due to our nature, we request that visitors, future members and current members meet the age requirement for our site. 21+
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